We Design

Using customised software and loads of industry knowledge, we will design your project in the most cost-effective way.

We will give consideration to:

The engineering design of your structure

Spending a little extra time to understand what you will use your shed for will allow us to evaluate the best design. We won’t try to sell you a “standard” shed sizes. We know its important to get it right, after all you are the one who is making the investment and adding value to your property.

Your preliminary site works

Considerations may need to be given to Preliminary site works which can also be dealt with in different ways. For example, for a sloping site you may need to decide if to have a site cut-and-fill or build a retainer wall. Because we are a qualified Master Builder who specializes in Sheds we have the answers, drawing on our 30 years of building experience and knowledge of building regulations. This will allow us to determine the most cost-effective method depending on your requirements and needs.

Council Regulations

Your property may have set-back limitations, is Heritage Listed or has underground services right where you want to build. If so then we will work hard to problem solve these in the best and most cost-effective way, ensuring we consult with Council and other regulatory bodies.

You don’t want any “surprise costs” during the construction process so our focus is to get as accurate as we can in the design process.