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3. Will my Shed design be engineered specifically for my site?

Like your house, your shed should also be engineered specifically for your site. Every shed is different in terms of the site, exposure to the elements and distance from other
buildings. Combining this data with other important information such as the intended use of your shed and the wind speed enables your shed builder to determine the right design specifications.

Ask your Shed Builder if they are Shed Safe Accredited

Shed Safe Accredited
ShedSafe is your assurance that the Shed Manufacturer has:

  • Undergone a review by an independent Third Party
  • Has assured their compliance
  • Will recommend a shed design suitable for your site and location use.

The Australian Steel Institute warns:
Before seeking a quote for your shed, it’s important that you consider the following questions and
bring the answers with you to your local shed seller.

  • What will the shed be used for – domestic, farm or industrial use?
  • How far from the coastline will the shed be built?
  • Will it be subject to extreme conditions, eg. Snow or Alpine Winds?
  • What is the surrounding area generally like – urban, semi open or open plain and exposed?
  • Will the shed be built on or near a hill, slope or escarpment?
  • Are there existing structures near where you want to build your shed?
    How far away are these from the site?