So, you are shopping around for your new shed. You have received back various quotations and now you are just plain confused. Why are some shed project quotations cheaper than others? The answer is simply this:

There is a difference in quotes — just as there is a difference in the price of a bike (it is a form of transportation) and a Rolls Royce (it’s transportation with a few more products and services!). You want to know that you have been given an accurate cost-effective quotation without the “hidden extras”.

There is no “quick” answer to the potential cost of your project until a site inspection has been done and the builder has a thorough understanding of your site. For example do you have a sloping site (this can only be measured accurately with a laser level), where are the services located, is your property covenanted, listed in a heritage zone or must it be assessed for a Bushfire Attack Level? What will you use your structure for and will it need council?

Ensure the particulars of your unique site have been addressed so that you know you have a comprehensive quotation – Otherwise you may NOT have an accurate quotation and only an estimate. You could get surprises “extra costs” along the way.

Step Two: How can your shed design of my project be cost effective?