To design your shed cost-effectively an experienced Builder of Sheds will give consideration to:

The engineering design of your structure

Ask if your Builder has considered the most cost-effective way of designing your project. There is a difference in providing an “off the shelf” shed design or for your Shed Builder to spend a little extra time to evaluate the structure and the best design. Don’t settle for “standard” shed sizes on letterbox drop brochures – you are the one who is making the investment and adding value to your property.

Your preliminary Site works

Considerations may need to be given to Preliminary site works which can also be dealt with in different ways. For example for a sloping site you may need to make decisions whether to have a site cut-and-fill or build a retainer wall. A Master Builder who specializes in Sheds will have the experience and knowledge of building regulations to determine the most cost-effective method depending on your requirements and needs.

Council Regulations

If you property is Heritage Listed or has underground services right where you want to build, how will your Shed Builder problem solve these cost-effectively? Does your builder demonstrate the experience to sensitively solve these challenges to achieve the most cost-effective outcome? You don’t want any “surprise costs” during the construction process.

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