Shed Builder vs Shed Reseller – What is the difference?

Sheds are there for most of us to provide shelter and protection for the things that are important to us. Whether it’s our home, farm or business, sheds are there to keep our important belongings safe and sound.

For many people, their shed can be their third biggest investment, behind their house and car.
That’s why it’s so important to ask the right questions before building a shed, and get the right Shed Builder for your project.
Below we have put together a Consumer Guide of 7 Important questions to ask your shed builder. Don’t be fooled by Shed Resellers – they just want to sell you the product. A Shed Builder sells more than just the product – in actual fact you could say they are the One-Stop-Shop in arranging the entire building project for you.

So what are you waiting for? We encourage you to get out and ask those questions. You will benefit because you will know you are making an informed decision.

1. What's included in my Shed Proposal?

So, you are shopping around for your new shed. You have received back various quotations and now you are just plain confused. Why are some shed project quotations cheaper than others?
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2. How can your shed design of my project be cost effective?

To design your shed cost-effectively, an experienced builder of sheds will give consideration to the engineering of your structure, your preliminary site works and council regulations.
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3. Will my shed design be engineered specifically for my site?

Like your house, your shed should also be engineered specifically for your site. Every shed is different in terms of the site, exposure to the elements and distance from other buildings.
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4. Is my shed made from Australian steel or imported steel?

Most sheds are designed and built in Australia, but in some instances the shed and the shed steel can be made somewhere else. Steel made by BlueScope Steel is 100% Australian made and guaranteed to meet or exceed Australian Standards.
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5. Are you dealing with a registered builder?

As quoted by the Building Commission, every building project, no matter how big or small, carries some sort of risk. By using a Registered Building Practitioner, you are engaging a qualified knowledgable and experienced professional.
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6. Can you provide examples and building references of your work?

You wouldn’t buy a motor vehicle unseen so why would engage a builder without first seeking recommendations from others?
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7. What if I want to do the construction work myself as an owner builder?

If you want to construct a shed or garage, some of the things you need to be aware of include the responsibilities of and comply with as an owner-builder. We’ve created a shortlist for you of some of the considerations you need to be aware of.
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